Small cheese grater Calder
Codice 774

Small cheese grater

Inox 18/c small parmesan cheese grater cm. 33×4

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Inox cheese grater w/wooden tray cm 24×13,5×6,5h
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Multipurpose grater 4 sides
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Small grater w/medium size holes
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Inox grater w/wired handle cm. 13×7,5
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Grattugia a lima foratura fine
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Inox grater w/wired handle cm 9×5,5
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Grater with tray and handle
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Small grater “Bircher” model
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Inox cheese grater w/wooden tray (economy model)
Codice: 630
Multipurpose conical grater 4 sides
Codice: 715
Codice: 1698
Codice: 765
“Bari” grater
Codice: 760
Grater with tray
Codice: 730
Small grater with w/big size holes
Codice: 773